Hanging Out With The Firm

NAB is going on right now in Las Vegas.

The convention used to be the place to be, but just like the RTNDA convention, neither is no longer a must attend event. 

The Las Vegas hookers say that when the TV people come to town, business is brisk, but they guys are always trying to talk the escorts down on their prices. Cab drivers tell FTVLive that TV folks are the cheapest when it comes to giving tips.

The Firm is holding their Fox Affiliates meeting this year at NAB and FTVLive spies are in well attendance. 

Also, a Nexstar GM was spotted hitting on a blonde at the blackjack table at Bally's. Not surprisingly the married GM was sitting at the $2 table while trying to put the moves on the much younger lady. 

Even in Sin City, the Nexstar people are cheap.