Changing The Culture at Fox News

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As FTVLive has told you, a number of women that work at Fox News have contacted us in regards to the culture at the cable news network.

Many reached out to us when the network was deciding the fate of host/pig Bill O'Reilly.

They thought that O'Reilly needed to go and FNC needed to send a clear sign that they were serious about changing their chauvinist ways.

O'Reilly did get the boot, but you have to wonder how the women working inside Fox News felt when Tucker Carlson went on the air and gushed over Bill O'Reilly. 

On his first night taking over for O'Reilly, Carlson said, "I watched Bill O'Reilly for years," as he expressed his admiration for the former host, Carlson said, "What O'Reilly did was not easy. He set a high bar and I'm going to do my best to meet it."

Let's hope he'll try and stay below the bar when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Fox News new HR boss sent out another memo about sensitivity training.

Kevin Lord's memo was directed at FNC's freelancers and contributors:

"All Fox News Channel employees, contributors, and freelancers are required to go through a one-time, one-hour sensitivity training session," Lord wrote. "It is critical that everyone attends to ensure that we maintain a professional workplace."

Fox News says that most of their staff has gone through the training and now it's time to get the freelancers and contributors through it as well. 

Word is that Eric Bolling showed up for the training and was upset there were no dancing girls for entertainment.

That's what we heard anyway....