Time to Start Bribing the Viewers

The May book is right around the corner and that used to mean that newsrooms would gear up with hard hitting stories and good, solid Journalism. 

But now, you just open up the checkbook and try and bribe viewers to watch your newscasts. 

That's what Scripps owned WXYZ (Detroit) is doing this May book. The station is already running spots promising viewers $1,000 bucks if they tune into the newscast.

The Anchors are on the air in spots, informing viewers how they can win the money. Becoming a smarmy pitchmen is something they don't teach you in J-School. 

"You have to watch to win! If we announce your name, you need to call the number you see on the newscast by 7 a.m. and you win $1,000. Please only call that number if you are the winner announced, " WXYZ tells viewers on their website. 

Excuse me....I just threw up in my mouth a little.