Scripps Station Cuts its Pay for Play Show in Half

"AM Buffalo" has been on the air at WKBW since the late 70's. It started as a lifestyle show that had substance and even some news value.

Over the years it has degrading into nothing for than a pay for play show to pimp advertisers and product.

Now, WKBW's owner Scripps is cutting the show from one hour back to just a half hour. If they cut just a half hour more, it should be perfect. 

So, how does General Manager Mike Nurse spin the show being cut? 

A Buffalo paper wrote that Nurse says that the Scripps station will add an hour version of the program at 9 a.m. Saturday (when no one is watching TV) and added there are multiple program commitments in the fall "so a 30-minute version with a weekend hour works on multiple levels."

And what might those multiple levels be?

"It allows us to expand to the weekend, reaching a different audience than the weekday with existing resources and have additional programming options this fall," Nurse said. 

Scripps is filling the open half hour with "Right This Minute" which is produced by Scripps and aires across their stations.