The Internal Email

On Friday, FTVLive FIRST told you that Sinclair was buying the Bonten  for $240 million bucks.

Sinclair continues to grown what will be their right wing empire and run up debt. Word is that Sinclair's suits have always felt that Fox News was not conservative enough and are busy buying up stations, so they can spread their message. 

Here is the internal memo that was sent to the staff at the Bonten stations, telling them they were basically screwed:

This morning we are announcing that we have reached an agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group for their acquisition of Bonten Media Group.  The transaction is subject to government approvals.  We expect the transaction to be completed within the next three to six months.  Sinclair’s press release, which will be distributed at 9 AM ET, is attached for your information.

Sinclair is one of the largest and most successful television group operators.  Perhaps more than any other broadcaster, Sinclair has focused on and invested in the future of television.  Sinclair has been instrumental in the development of ATSC 3.0, the new technical standard which will be introduced over the next decade, and which will dramatically improve the capacity, quality and function of the television spectrum.

Over the next few months, both Bonten and Sinclair will be working to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible.  You will be hearing more as plans solidify.

In the meantime, we will all be focused on maintaining the excellence for which we have worked to make this company stand.  I would like to thank you in advance for your hard work and contributions to the success of Bonten Media Group.

Randall D. Bongarten
Chairman and CEO
Bonten Media Group