Bill O'Reilly Returns on Monday

Bill O'Reilly is returning to the "No Spin Zone" on tomorrow.

Granted, it won't be on Fox News and it will only be 4 minutes. 

O'Reilly announced on his website that he will be doing a podcast that will be posted Monday night at 7PM. It will last just 4 minutes and many of his 70 year old plus viewers will have no clue as to how to listen?

We never thought the blowhard O'Reilly could say is name in under 5 minutes, so it seems that 4 minute podcast is awful short.

But, it should be entertaining as he will likely talked about how he was railroaded and dumped from his job.

O'Reilly was given $25 million bucks when he was pushed out at Fox News, but it is still the limelight that he craves.

Stay tuned....