The Police Mugshot of Sinclair's Newest Hire

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Sinclair hired Donald Trump puppet  Boris Epshteyn as their new  Chief Political Analyst for the Sinclair stations.

Now, the idea that Sinclair hired a former Trump employee to help report on the Trump White House is head shaking to say the least and smacks objectivity right in the face. 

But, we also have to wonder if Sinclair looked into the guy's background before making the hire. 

Just a quick Google search, brings up this from The Smoking Gun

A White House aide known for his combative behavior was once arrested for sucker punching a smaller man during a bar dispute, an attack that left the victim bloodied and resulted in the assailant being sentenced to attend anger management classes, according to police and court records.

Boris Epshteyn, a special assistant to President Donald Trump, was busted by Arizona cops in January 2014 after walloping another patron during a 2:25 AM confrontation at a Scottsdale nightspot. Epshteyn, 6’ 4” and 275 pounds, attacked a man seven inches shorter and about 70 pounds lighter than him, cops reported.

Epshteyn pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge and was sentenced to attend counseling, perform 25 hours of community service, and pay about $360 in fines and court costs. He was also barred from having contact with the victim or returning to Whiskey Row, the business where he was arrested.

Let's hope a Producer at Sinclair doesn't cut his face time on air... they may get the shit beat out of them.

But remember..... Sinclair Cares.