A Good Sport...

Tegna's Buffalo station, WGRZ is losing their longtime main Anchor after the May book and it appears they maybe turning to the Sports Anchor as his replacement. 

WGRZ Sports Anchor Adam Benigni has filled in as a News Anchor on the station before, but had said he had no plans to switch from Sports to News on a full-time basis. 

But now, he has changed his mind. The Tegna station is going to let Benigni Anchor the 5:30PM newscast during May sweeps in what appears to be a tryout. 

As FTVLive FIRST told you, longtime News Anchor Scott Levin is leaving the station to help sell cars. 

The station is now looking at Benigni  as his possible replacement. 

Despite the fact that Benigni said he had no desire to do news on a full-time basis, his thoughts have changed. 

"If there was an opportunity, I'd be interested in talking about it," said Benigni told a Buffalo paper. "This is very important for us. I respect that."

In other words, he figured out that the News Anchor makes waaaaaay for bank than the sports chimp.