Trump Cites Fox News Report

You would think that for a guy that oversees both the FBI and CIA, he wouldn't need to get his news from cable TV, but that is what President Trump does. 

Trump took time out of "winning" this past weekend to bring to the attention a story he saw on Fox News. 

Now, the Fox News story did not name the source, but Trump thought enough about the piece to head to Twitter, in between fixing healthcare, ridding the world of ISIS and building a wall that Mexico will pay for to tweet about the Fox News story. 

But wait! I thought we weren't supposed to believe media stories that didn't name sources?

Oh.... it was Fox News, so in that case I guess we can. 

Trump also took time out from his busy weekend to say that he has had enough of the people that are leaking information about him and his administration. 

But didn't you say this Mr. President?