Cops Clamp The Cuffs On Florida Reporter

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Back in February, FTVLive posted a picture of WBBH (Ft. Myers) Reporter/Anchor Lucas Seiler, that he posted to his Instagram. 

Seiler was showing off his new tattoo and it was one of the many pictures he posted sans shirt.

After we posted the story, Seiler doubled down on his picture posts, called FTVLive's post "ignorant" and said that "if you expect and apology or expect embarrassment on my behalf, you won't get it."

Well, here's another picture of Seiler that you more and likely will not see on his Instagram. 

This is his mugshot after being arrested for striking his "husband" in a domestic dispute. 

According to the arrest report, Seiler hit his husband Michael, after Micheal claims he "liked someone's picture on Instagram." Damn that Instagram!

Lucas was upset that Micheal "liked" the picture and an argument ensued. Michael claims that Lucas started hitting him with a shoe. Michael told police that "Lucas looked like he was going to kill me."

Another witness that was in the house, also told cops that Seiler hit Michael in the face with a shoe.

Seiler told cops that Michael punched him in the face and he fell down a flight of stairs. He told cops he blacked out and when he woke up. he was outside and Michael was still hitting him. 

A check of his social media shows he has not posted his mugshot picture or made mention on the incident. 

Hmmm...maybe because they made him wear a shirt and didn't show off any of his Tats. 

Lucas was taken to jail and held on $2,000 bond.  

Here is a copy of the arrest report.