Tegna Adds the Verify Team

You know the times have changed when TV stations now not only report the news, but rumors as well. 

Tegna stations are adding a "Verify Team" to their stations. They even have have built a "Verify Center". 

What does the "Verify Team" do?

They find fake news stories on social media and then tell you that they are fake. 

Here is WCNC in Charlotte "Verifying" that Facebook killer Steve Stephens was not headed to the Queen City. 

If you can't see the video above, click on this link.

The best part was toward the end of the story when the reporter said, "We verified with Pennsylvania State Police that Stephens was spotted in Erie today and shot himself in the head after a brief pursuit." So, the station can "Verify" that Stephens is defiantly NOT coming to Charlotte. 

I got an email from a Prince in Nigeria that wants to share part of his fortune with me. I'm kind of excited to be coming into all this money, but I'm wondering if it's real. 

I need the "Verify Team" on this case STAT!