And THIS Guy's the News Director? (Updated x2)

FTVLive has shown you countless of examples of really bad use of social media by TV news people. 

Whether it's posting a smiling selfie from a grisly murder scene, or making political feelings known, TV news people just can't stop with the "look at me" posts. 

But when it comes to tasteless posts on social media, FTVLive has a new leader in the clubhouse and this one comes from a Raycom News Director. 

WTVM (Columbus, GA) News Director Shawn Reynolds, who is no stranger to stupid postings,  uploaded this to his Instagram account on Easter Sunday:

The original post was insensitive enough, but the follow up, "hot chicken & pickles between 2 slabs of the body of Christ" was straight up blasphemy. And again, this was Easter Sunday mind you. 

Also, Shawn might want to remember that he is working in the bible belt of Columbus, GA. I'm not so sure his viewers would appreciate the knock against the Lord.

Not sure how his bosses at Raycom feel about it, but at the very least I would be giving Mr. Reynolds a few days off without pay. 


Update: After FTVLive posted the story, Reynolds' set his Instagram account to private. 

Hmmmmm? Wonder why? 

Update X2: Reynolds has not opened his Instagram page back up to the public, but has deleted his comment about "hot chicken & pickles between 2 slabs of the body of Christ" 

Gee....does he now think it was insensitive?