Is the Weatherman that Killed Himself a Suspect in a Rape Case?

Back in early April, FTVLive told you that WCSH Weatherman Tom Johnston had been reported missing and police had started searching for him. 

It wasn't long before police found Johnston body, he died of an apparent suicide, according to police. 

After Johnston's body was found, his station and others in town did brief reports and then nothing else was said. 

Johnston’s significant other reported him missing, but would not say anything more. The station would also not make any comment when Johnston went missing. 

Well now, FTVLive has learned that Oxford County Sheriff's Department said they were investigating a sexual assault and the suspect was later reported missing. In that time frame, only one missing person report came in.... Tom Johnston. 

Police say that the victim reported the rape and that the suspect fled the scene. Police then confirm that the suspect was reported as a missing person. 

The news that Johnston might have been a suspect in the assault is well known inside his former newsroom and other newsrooms in town. So far, they have not reported the information. 

Autopsy results should be available soon on Johnston's death. Word is that Sheriffs Deputies did do a rape kit on the assault victim and DNA evidence was taken. 

At this point, police are not confirming anything, other than to say, they are investigating the rape and that the suspect was also later reported as a missing person. Again, Johnston was the only missing person in that time frame. 

FTVLive will have more on this story as the information becomes available. 

A follow up to this story is available here.