Who Replaces Bill O'Reilly at Fox News?

Despite the fact that no one, including the Murdochs, know the fate of Bill O'Reilly at Fox News, there is still talk of who replaces him?

This much is clear, the Fox News brand is bigger than any talent at network, including Bill O'Reilly. 

Look at it this way. Tucker Carlson had a show on MSNBC that failed. He didn't get very good ratings and MSNBC finally dumped the show and moved on. 

Carlson takes over for Megyn Kelly at Fox News and is one of the highest rated shows on the network. Same guy, different channel....different results. 

There is no doubt that Bill O'Reilly is FNC's biggest star, but he's still not bigger then the brand. 

Chatter has begun as to who would replace O'Reilly?

The AP has a list of names that include Dana Perino, Eric Bolling, Jesse Watters,  Martha MacCallum, Greg Gutfeld, and Laura Ingraham.

Fox News could O'Reilly with just about anyone and the Fox faithful will watch. As long as the new host continues to spout support for the right and slam the left, the ratings will follow. 

It is also clear, that replacing O'Reilly would be a praised move inside Fox News. The egotistical Bill O is not well liked inside the halls of the cable net. 

“The only person you hear bad things about on a regular basis is Bill O’Reilly — he definitely has not made friends in the building, from the makeup people to senior producers,” one Fox News source told Buzzfeed. Another top Fox personality called O’Reilly a “dick.”

When Megyn Kelly left Fox News, many thought it would dent the ratings, FTVLive said it would not. 

It didn't. 

If Bill O'Reilly leaves FNC, the network will not crater and all will be fine. I know it will hurt some of the egos at Fox News, but the truth is, the brand drives the ratings and not the talent. 

Stay tuned....