Same-o, Same-o

Nexstar has been busy firing and hiring General Managers at a  number of their stations. When the company took over the Media General stations, they would often sack the old GM and replace them with one of their people. 

It just so happens that their people are often old white guys. 

Back in March, FTVLive showed you how Nexstar cast diversity aside when it comes to hiring the top person at their stations. 

So when word came down that Nexstar had made a new GM hire in Jackson, Mississippi, we held out hope. 

Jackson is a city with a 70% black population and just 27% white. So, we figured if Nexstar is going to break the all white hiring spree, this would be a perfect market to do it. 

The company named Jeffery Guy WJTV's new General Manager. 

FTVLive quickly headed to the computer to look up Guy and see if maybe, just maybe Mr. Guy wasn't an old white guy? 

We found his picture:

So much for that.