Nexstar Sells KRON in Spectrum Auction (Updated X 2)

Back in September of last year, FTVLive FIRST reported that we were hearing that Nexstar Broadcasting was going to be selling KRON in the FCC spectrum auction. 

Back on September 8th, FTVLive wrote, "Sources have been telling FTVLive for months that KRON in San Francisco is more than likely to be sold in the spectrum auction...."

Well guess what?

The FCC has released the results of the auction and just as we predicted, KRON was sold. 

According to the report, WIVB the Nexstar station in Buffalo was also sold and it says it is going off the air. 

WIVB is a station that is bouncing back and forth between No. 1 and 2 in the market for news viewers.

Word is that Nexstar will use the CW's station's transmitter and broadcast from there. 

T-Mobile, DISH and Comcast were the big buyers in the auction. Nexstar, NBC and Sinclair were some of the big sellers. 

According to the FCC documents, Nexstar plans to move KRON to a high VHF channel. Many other Nexstar stations that were sold and will "go off the air" and/or move to another Nexstar's dot 2 station in the market. 

NBC was also a big seller. Selling WNBC and a number of their Telemudo stations. 

All will be reassigned positions. 

This was a big money grab for media companies that just made millions of dollars. 

Here is a list of the stations that sold in the spectrum and what the plans are for those that sold. 

Almost 1000 stations will either have to move or go dark.