Is Bill O'Reilly Out At Fox?

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly told his audience last night, that he is going on vacation. O'Reilly said it has nothing to do with the sexual harassment scandal surrounding him and that he scheduled the vacation last fall.

New York Magazine reporter, Gabriel Sherman, says he has four network sources that say last night's show, could be O'Reilly's last. The law firm of Paul, Weiss (the same firm that investigated Roger Ailes' scandal) has been turned loose on O'Reilly. Reportedly, O'Reilly's future is in the hands of the Murdochs. Sources say James wants O'Reilly gone while Rupert and Lachlan lean towards keeping him.

More than 30 advertisers have boycotted O'Reilly's show after the New York Times reported he paid out $13 million, to settle harassment claims.

The official word from Fox News is that O'Reilly will return on April 24th. Anyone want to start a pool?

h/t New York Magazine