Why Everyone Hates CNN's Van Jones

Van Jones is one of the most overexposed people on CNN, second to only Brian Stelter.

Now, the NY Daily News says that CNN's talking head is done. "Here's some messy truth: Jones is overexposed," The Daily News says in a story titled, "Why Everyone Hates Van Jones."

The NYD writes, one of the pitfalls of talking for a living is that eventually you're bound to say something dumb. And even something really dumb. And maybe even something that sticks.

For Jones, that came last Tuesday when he inexplicably began gushing approval for Donald Trump's use of Carryn Owens, the grieving widow of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, as a political prop during his first address to Congress.

"That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period, and he did something extraordinary," Jones gushed.

The Daily News says that for Jones to so sickeningly laud Trump for taking advantage of a vulnerable person in front of the whole world, is a Sean Hannity move.

For it to have come from Jones (something Hannity and his pals have gleefully been noting all week) is confusing.

We've seen too much of Jones lately and like too much of anything good, maybe he needs to take a break.

We have a feeling that won't happen.

Jeff Zucker is the king of overexposure.

Hello missing plane....