Man Arrested After Shooting TV News Photographer

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Cops have clamped the cuffs on a man that they say shot a Madison, Wisconsin TV news Photographer.

A Photog from WKOW was shooting the scene of a fire, when struck by a pellet fired from a pellet gun. 

Dane County Sheriff's deputies, who were already on the scene of the fire, started investigating the shooting. 

Yesterday, cops busted Jeffery S. Lovick, who admitted to shooting at television news crews because he felt they were infringing on his property.

A 51-year-old man has been arrested after shooting a pellet gun at a WKOW photojournalist.

The WKOW employee says the neighbor of the fire invited the camera crews on her property to film the damage when the shooting happened.

According to a report, Lovick was arrested on suspicion of endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon.

"Our photojournalist was doing his job, covering a fire as a journalist," said WKOW News Director Ed Reams, "No one deserves to be targeted like this for just doing their job."

The Photog received minor injuries.