Adding more News in San Antonio

A San Antonio station says it will be adding another newscast next month and it will have a "fresh format" (wish I had a buck every time I heard that).

According the the San Antonio Express News, KSAT will launch a newsy San Antonio alternative to the local  lifestyle and entertainment shows currently airing in the  9 a.m. hour.

On March 27, viewers who like to sleep in a bit can enjoy the winning chemistry (seriously, that's what they wrote) of anchors Leslie Mouton and Mark Austin in a new local morning newscast.

For years the pair has drawn a hefty audience (does that mean fat people watched?), from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. and at noon, but the ABC affiliate wants to expand their reach. "Good Morning San Antonio @ 9" also will feature weather reports by likable (again, that's what the article said) meteorologist Justin Horne.

"It will be different from our other newscasts, and will be perfect for college-age viewers and work-at-home moms who can't always watch so early in the morning," promised KSAT news director Bernice Kearney-Bonner.

Specifics about the 9 a.m. newscast format will be coming soon, but KSAT bosses agree it won't be a typical news format.

This maybe the most bullshit story I have seen written in a newspaper. I mean this had to be copied word for word from the press release. "Winning chemistry", "likable" weather guy? If the weather guy wasn't likable, he wouldn't have a job at the station. 

So, let's redo the story a bit more real:

KSAT will be launching a new newscast, that will likely be little on news and big on pimping advertisers. 

It will be anchored by the morning team, because, it won't cost the station anymore money since they are already in the building. 

This crapfest starts at the end of March after our sales department can find enough suckers....errrrrr advertisers to believe are BS about a "fresh approach to news."

See, the story was done and written in 3 sentences and much more honestly. 

If stations want me to write Press Releases for them, I am available.