Out of the Pot and Into the Fire


Former WGCL (Atlanta) Anchor Bobby Kaple officially jumped into the political waters on Monday, by announcing that he is running for Congress. 

As for leaving TV news, he said, "I can’t sit behind the anchor desk to report on this mess,” said Kaple. “I’ve got to do what I can to try to fix it.”

Kaple said he’s focusing his Democratic campaign against Republican U.S. Rep. Karen Handel on a pledge for “affordable, accessible healthcare” and a vow to work across party lines.

“I’m going to make this campaign about me and what I can do positively in this district, but it’s also going to be a referendum on Karen Handel as well,” said Kaple, adding that her healthcare stance is “not looking out for families like mine.”

“Every chance she gets, she stands with the special interests and the lobbyists,” said Kaple.

It’s unclear whether he plans to self-finance his own campaign – he declined to comment about his financial strategy – but he called the $60 million pricetag of this year’s special election “outrageous.”

“I’ll have enough money to compete with Handel – and I’ll leave it at that for now,” he said.

In a statement, Handel signaled she was unfazed by the competition.

“My total focus right now is on the constituents of the Sixth District and the issues that are important to them, such as tax reform,” she said.

H/T Atlanta Journal-Constitution