What's Up with you Dude? Vol. 7


Time to open up the email and clean out the inbox with another of the very widely popular "What's up with you Dude?"

So let's dive right in: 

Email 1 - I have landed a job in TV news and I hate it. There is so much drama in the newsroom and everyone talks behind everyone else's back. I feel like I wasted 4 years of going to J-school, to now work in an industry that I hate. What's your advice?

Scott - First of all, not all newsrooms are as you described...I know I have worked in a lot of them. Don't judge the entire industry by your first job. But, if you really hate it and want to do something different, do what all the others do. Go into PR. 

Email 2 - When you worked in TV news, did you ever had a relationship wih one of your co-workers?

Scott - Of course! In TV news it is not uncommon for co-workers to hook up. I have had relationships and one night stands (which is very awkward the next day in the newsroom). I have also dated women across the street at the competition. I have seen it happen so many times and I have watched as people have cheated on their spouse with one of their co-workers (I NEVER did that). You can say what you want about TV news people, we're all horny. I guess it's just too much time around the microwave truck. 

Email 3 - I love your site!!! I sent you some $$$ through the "support us" link on FTVLive. I was one of those people that was too cheap to join your site back in the day. After reading it now, I can see that was a mistake. I'm glad I can pitch in and help now.

Scott - I got a few other emails that are just like this one. I really want to thank the people that have given me a few bucks. I'm getting to the point where I am going to have to buy another computer and it will cost over $2 grand. So, all the money you guys are throwing our way is going to good use. If anyone else wants to send us a few bucks, here's the link.   HUGE Thank You!!!!

Email 4 - How's your golf game?

Scott - It hasn't been very good for the past year. Also, working on and updating FTVLive 7 days a week has not really helped my game. I find that I am practicing less and playing golf a lot less. But, over the past few days, I think I have found something (please note all golfers say that) and I'm hoping that it will turn my game around. It is no fun playing bad golf. I have a few tournaments left this Summer and I hope that I can finish the year strong. 

Email 5 -  What is the best and worst city (market) you ever lived in?

Scott - The best was Chicago and the worst was St. Louis.