My 6 Day, 3 Day Project...


After living in the FTVLive World Headquarters for 6 years, i felt it was time to pull up the carpets and put down some new flooring. 

I decided I would put down the flooring in my office, living room, den, kitchen and laundry room. I would do the work myself and I figured it would take me about 3 days.  

I started on Thursday, just in case my weekend project took a bit more time than a thought. Here it is, Tuesday and I'm still not done (although I'm close). 

10 hours a day for 5 days of getting down on the floor and standing back up, my legs feel like I have done 50,000 squats. Ouch!

Yesterday, as I was working I noticed that it seemed to be getting hotter in my house. At first I passed it off as another hot and humid day here in Florida. But after getting out of the shower last night, I went and check the thermostat and it showed the temp was 79!


With my great mechanical skills, I turned the AC off and back on..... and as hard as it is to believe that didn't fix it. So, I went out back behind the house and looked at the outside unit.

Even though I stared at it for a good 5 minutes, that still didn't fix it. 

I went back into the house and the temp was now 83 degrees. This was going to be a long night. 

But, there is a guy I play golf with from time to time that owns and AC shop. I called him at his home and within a half hour, he sent a tech over to try and fix my AC. It was past 9PM and the temp was holding steady at a balmy 83 in the house.

The AC tech guy (I think that's his official title)  actually used some tools, since I told him that staring at the unit doesn't fix it.

An hour later my AC was blowing cold again and my wallet was $300 lighter. 

Today, 6 days later I expect my weekend project of the floors to finally be finished and I am going to promise myself no more. 

Then again....I have been thinking about redoing my bathroom. 

Here are a couple of before and afters of my floor job. Not bad for a guy that's only tools are a hammer and two screw drivers:  

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.20.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.24.20 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.22.45 AM.png