Swat the F#@K?!


There is a rule in television news that most stations live by.

The "we don't cover bomb threats" rule has been around forever and it's a good rule. It is not one that every station follows, but the responsible ones do. 

FTVLive has a similar rule.

We don't cover SWATtings.

There some idiots that like to spoof celebrities and popular news peoples home phone numbers and call the police and act like there is some sort of major trouble that that address.

Whether it's a shooting, hostage situation or fire, these idiots get off on the fact that the cops (or fire department) will show up in large numbers, scaring the crap of of the owner of the house and making a scene.

It has happened to a number of network news anchors recently and it has been reported by some of the more tabloid newspapers and websites.

FTVLive has not covered the incidents and we won't do so in the future.

We are not going to give these idiots the satisfaction of getting some pub and we will not waste the space with their antics.

That's how we roll.