What's Up with you Dude? Vol. 5

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It is time to open up the email, clear out the spam and answer a few more questions in a segment we like to call "What's Up with You Dude?"

Email 1: I was promoted from a Reporter job at my station to Weekend morning anchor, why didn't you report it?

Scott: If FTVLive reported every job move.... that is basically all the site would be. There are a some websites out there that cover job moves such as these, but I really don't want gum up FTVLive with all the moves. We do report some of the bigger moves and ones that happen in bigger markets. But, let's be honest if you moved from Reporter to Weekend morning Anchor in the 84th market, no one really cares. Except your Mom.... and she's very proud of you.

Email 2: I have sent out 35 resumes and have been rejected by every News Director. Can you help me? 

Scott: No (rejection number 36)

Email 3: My Photographer keeps hitting on me! How do I stop him from doing that?

Scott: Stop carrying the Tripod. That's enough to make any Photog hate you.

Email 4: I just graduated from college and I'm looking for my first job in TV news, is ok for me to apply for an Anchor job that is open in Pittsburgh? 

Scott: Sure you can apply for it. Then go back up and read email #2.

Email 5: I'm a shooter at a station here in the Midwest. I have a thing for the Reporter I am assigned to work with each day. She seems to like me, but I have asked her out a bunch of times and she keeps turning me down. What should I do.?

Scott: Just keep asking and see what happens. By the way, don't be surprised if for some reason she quits carrying the tripod. You know how those reporters are.