Why I'm not Going to the WH Correspondents Dinner


I got a call yesterday that some people dream about getting.

I was invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner later this month. 

I said "No Thank You."

Anyone that has read FTVLive over the years has known how I feel about the WH Correspondents Dinner. It used to be great.... when you know it was for correspondents.

But as I have written, it has become about which organization can bring the biggest celebrities.

This year, you'll see Courtney Cox at the USA TOday table. Jon Bon Jovi will be sitting with the Huffington Post. Kevin Spacey will be hanging at the Bloomberg table.

It's all about bringing some big name guest. It used to not be like that at all. but somewhere down the line the WHCD became a dog and pony show in the worst way.

I have spoken out about this every year for years and years.


If I said yes and went to the dinner, I would be the biggest two face since Matt Lauer said he had nothing to do with Ann Curry getting dumped.

Would I like to go? Sure. But I'm not. I have to stick to my morals and put my money where my mouth is.

So while the Celebs are dining on a 5 course meal and drinking the finest wine.... I'll be eating SpaghettiO's out of the can.

And no matter how much he asks, Jon Bon Jovi isn't invited to join me.