Time for Another "What's Up with You Dude?"

It's time to open up the Gmail Email for another installment of "What's up with you Dude?"


Email #1- Scott, I logged on FTVLive this Weekend to catch up and I noticed there were stories posted that day. Are you posting of the Weekends as well?

Scott- 24/7 my man! Yesterday, was President's day and a number of TV Blogs took the day off or just mailed it in. FTVLive ended up having a record day for traffic to the website. We posted our first story around 5AM yesterday and posted again at 1AM early this morning. No Holidays, No Weekends...that's for Hacks.

Email #2 I want to put my Resume on your Talent Spotlight. How do I do that?

Talk to your agent and it will cost you nothing to do it. If you don't have an agent, you can still post your resume for $35. It's your chance to be seen by countless News Managers in the matter of a few hours. It's a deal you really can't pass up.

Email #3 What's your advice to a college kid that wants to go into TV News?

You're in College? Have you ever watched TV News?

Email #4 Have you watched House of Cards on Netflix?

Yes, I'm half way through and It think it's awesome. I also love watching what is essentially a TV show with no commercials. For all these years we have been hearing that your TV and computer are going to morph into the same machine. I think House of Cards is a big step into that happening. It's a great show and to think that it's a Netflix original with no TV affiliation at all. It has to scare the TV folks a bit. 

Email #5 Hey, i tried to connect with you on LinkedIn and you haven't responded. What's up with you Dude?

Sorry, I have around 400 invites to LinkedIn that I haven't responded to. I think it's a good service, but it's really not something I use. Between FTVLive, Two Facebook accounts and Two Twitter accounts....I have enough social media in my life. Really considering I'm not very social, I have more than enough.