FTVLive Sets Record at 8AM this Morning

Since FTVLive.com Re-Launched as a Free Site 2 weeks ago. Our visits to the site have increased each day. 

I was just checking out the stats and the hour from 8AM to 9AM this morning was the biggest hour we have had yet.

Here's a screen shot. The number of the left is Page Views the Number on the right is Unique Visitors (which means that no matter how many times you come to FTVLive in a day you are counted as 1). Remember these numbers are for just 1 hour this morning. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 9.18.23 AM.png

Thanks to everyone for getting us off to a great start! By the way, you you haven't entered to win the free iPad Mini we are giving away, you can do so at this link. 

Update: That record didn't last long...we broke it in the 10AM to 11AM hour this morning.