I Hate Halloween

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.50.59 AM.png

I will admit, I'm not a big fan of Halloween and I never really have been. 

Even as a kid, every year I dressed as a hockey player when I went out trick or treating. Then when some house would give us apples, we headed out to the street and slap shot them into the sewer with our hockey sticks.

As I have gotten older, I don't go to Halloween parties. The last time I dressed up was years ago when I went to a station party as an incompetent TV station Engineer. Needless to say I didn't win best costume. Although, when I fell asleep at the party on the couch, everyone thought I was still playing the role of the Engineer. 

Today, I get up around 4 something and that means an early bedtime. Except on Halloween, where this little varmints are ringing my doorbell all night long asking for candy. 

It's got to the point where I just can't stand it anymore.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought two bags of candy a package of razor blades and a box of sharp screws. 

I have doctored up the candy, so hopefully these kids will not be stopping by again next year. 

Do you think they'll be able to tell I sabotaged my candy? 


Maybe I didn't do it right.