The (Boring) Life of FTVLive's Founder

Welcome to ScottLand!

This is the boring part of the website, because it is about the stuff going on in my life. This is the place on FTVLive where I will tell you about behind the scenes stuff going and I can speak my mind.

If you have trouble sleeping, this is the place for you. If this page doesn't put you to sleep, nothing will.

Most days FTVLive is uploaded most from my office just outside Jacksonville, FL.

Here's a picture of my office:


The great thing about running a website is I can work from anywhere I have a connection to the Internet. I have posted updates from Restaurants, Airplanes and even the Golf Course (where I spend a lot of time).

Feel free to come back and visit ScottLand whenever you want. I will tell you about all the "exciting" things going on in and around my life and I will also give you a heads up on some of the things I am working on for the rest of