Reporters Try and Fight Back against FHRITP Idiots

Reporters Try and Fight Back against FHRITP Idiots

It used to be a person would stand behind a Reporter during their live shot, wave and yell, "Hi Mom!" It was annoying, but that's all it was.

Now, the idiots scream out the phrase, "Fuck her right in the pussy," which often is followed by the Reporter throwing it back to the studio, before more profanity gets on air.

Well, many Reporters at Canadian stations are sick of these idiots and they are looking into doing something about it. 

After being targeted themselves and realizing this was a growing trend, two local CBC reporters, Tanya Birkbeck and Morgan Dunlop, decided to write about their experience on the CBC news website.

” … I felt shocked and violated by those words,” Birkbeck wrote. “It felt personal. Not just a catchphrase, but more of a taunt suggesting that the men around me, instead of talking to me, should be, you know, raping me.”

More on what the Reporters are doing to stop it after the jump. 

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Andy Lack Targets MSNBC's Dismal Ratings

Andy Lack doesn't officially start his new job as chairman of NBC News and MSNBC until April 6. But The Hollywood Reporter writes, the returning leader has been a regular presence at the company's 30 Rock head­quarters, where he's been holding long meetings with the news division's senior vps, talent and producers.

And sources say he's already indicated his first projects will be devising a plan to reverse the ratings slide at MSNBC and determining the fate of Brian Williams, the Nightly News anchor who is nearly two months into a 6 month suspension for fibbing about his time in Iraq. The tide among the rank and file at NBC News is against reinstating Williams.

Lack will also focus on trying to breath some life back into MSNBC. 

The revamp that began with the axing of daytime shows hosted by Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid to continue under Lack's leadership.

There is widespread speculation that Al Sharpton's show could be moved to a weekend slot as news programming will likely return as the focus of MSNBC.

The fate of 8 p.m. host Chris Hayes is unclear (NBC sources tell FTVLive it's  a goner). "Contrary to rumors that already have been reported, there are no plans to move Rev. Sharpton's or Chris Hayes' shows," says an MSNBC spokesperson.

It appears that Lack wants to bring NBC and MSNBC more closely together.  This will be a reversal of the strategy advocated by NBC News president Deborah Turness that drew a stark line between the units.

Stay tuned, April should be an interesting month at 30 Rock. 

FNC's Megyn Kelly Grills Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz kicked off his Presidential bid way too early and also found out that at least one Fox News Anchor is going to ask him some tough questions.

Many GOPers think that when they head into the Fox den it is going to be easy going, that's not the case will Kelly. 

Kelly pushed Cruz on the comparison critics are making between him and President Obama, who both served just one term in the Senate before announcing their presidential run.

"We already tried a first-term Senator,” Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said on Monday, suggesting that Cruz is inexperienced. 

The following night, Cruz argued that there are several differences between him and Obama, one being that Obama was a "backbencher" in the Senate while he has been a leader.

"Yes, you've led the fight on certain issues," Kelly responded, "but what have you actually accomplished?"

Cruz responded that his accomplishments are "stopping bad things from happening," calling out his efforts to stop Obamacare, lower debt and protect the Second Amendment.

Obamacare is still here and nothing has changed with the Second Amendment, which proves Kelly's point, that Cruz has accomplished nothing. Also, calling yourself a leader of a do nothing hated Congress is not going to win you votes. 

Just saying.... 

H/T HuffPo

Nielsen Says They'll Measure Netflix and Amazon

Nielsen is threatening to measure Netflix and Amazon Prime subscribers. Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns says they'll be able to measure 'total' audience across all devices and screens.

Netflix and Amazon have refused to share what their subscribers watch because the info could potentially lessen their leverage in negotiations for movies and reruns. In turn, that makes it hard for TV networks to determine value and determine if streaming is hurting traditional viewing.

Netflix has almost 60 million subscribers. Amazon Prime has about 40 million.

Those of us in TV have to feel sorry for Netflix and Amazon; they have no idea what voodoo numbers are ahead for them.

h/t Bloomberg

Milwaukee ND Fired?

Imagine coming back from vacation; rested, relaxed and ready re-engage, only to be fired? Welcome to TV. is reporting that's exactly what happened to WDJT-TV ND Genie Garner. 

Garner came to Milwaukee from KITV-TV in Honolulu (Why she'd leave paradise, is another mystery). Her tenure hasn't been without turmoil. In 2013 WDJT owner Weigel Broadcast Company was hit with a bias complaint, alleging Garner referred to the Hispanic community as "illegal aliens'.

The station's 10pm newscast did improve to 3rd place, but hey, let's not let any success get in the way of a good termination.

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Cedar Rapids Station Catches Flack for Mugshot Pictures

KCRG is being accused to racial bias after the arrests of three University of Iowa wrestlers on suspicion of burglary.

This is the pictures that KCRG posted on their website after the wrestlers were arrested:

Now compare that to another story the station reported of the arrests of four men in Coralville charged with a burglary:

FTVLive is going to go out on a limb here and say that the pictures of the wrestlers are not nearly as damning as the other 4 guys. 

The station admits that the side-by-side comparison makes the presentation appear racially motivated, but they say there is a reason for it.

KCRG says that it is their policy is to use the best photographs of suspects available when reporting crimes, while always requesting and using mug shots when one is available.

They say, "The mug shot is typically the best picture of suspects available when a crime or arrest is first reported, since those accused of a crime typically do not have a professional picture in a public archive or choose to send us one. Those mug shots come from county jails or police when a suspect is booked."

Problem is that in a later story on the wrestlers being arrested (pictures to the right), KCRG used the wrestlers mug shots from the jail. Which means, did the station just violate their own picture policy?  

The station claimed there was a delay getting the wrestlers' mug shots from the jail. But, if their policy is to always use the best picture available, then why did they use the mugshots at all? 

KCRG says, "At no time in this process or in our policies does race factor into coverage decisions." 

But it does appear that after catching heat for the pictures, the station changed their policy and posted the wrestlers' mugshots after all.

Just saying.... 

Portland Reporter Admits to Shoplifting

Longtime KOIN Reporter Joel Iwanaga has admitted to shoplifting food and merchandise from a Whole Foods late last year.

Iwanaga pleaded guilty to second-degree theft, a misdemeanor, in court this week.

He now enters a yearlong diversion program, and upon successful completion, his charge would be dismissed, according to court staff.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Iwanaga declined to comment about the Dec. 19 theft and referred questions to the station management. 

Cops say that Iwanaga was caught by store security with about $200 worth of "food items and a couple hats," Rouches said. The food, he said, included a shrimp dish, Tuna Salad Roll Up and some holiday food.

Police say that Iwanaga had placed the items into a bag that was inside his cart. He paid for a cider, Rouches said, but not the items inside the bag.

Iwanaga was cooperative with police and said he had made a "big mistake" and there was "no excuse for his actions," Rouches said.

KOIN News Director Kate Glover declined to comment, because you know, the news business. 

H/T The Oregonian

Bill O'Reilly: "I Think NBC Should Bring Back Brian Williams"

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly went on David Letterman last night and talked about NBC's Brian Williams.

Williams was suspended for lying about his past reporting assignments and Bill O'Reilly has been called into question for the same thing. 

Letterman lightly approached the "Bill O'Reilly lying" issue, but never really asked a tough question. 

Let's go to the video:

You Can't Make this Stuff Up

Proving that life in TV news really is stranger than fiction, let's head to Miami.

For years, it’s been Univision against Telemundo in South Florida.   

Way back when, Helga Silva was the News Director at Univision 23.   She got canned and ended up at Telemundo.  

About the same time she was News Director at 23, Roberto Viscon was the News Director at Telemundo 51. 

He got canned and bounced around for a while, until just last month… when he ended up as the News Director at Univision 23!  

So now the 2 top spanish language News Directors in the market, who used to compete against each other have switched sides and are still competing against each other. 

You just gots to love TV news. 

Crossing the Street in Miami

Speaking of the Spanish station's in Miami.....

Longtime WSCV Telemundo 51 anchor Ambrosio Hernández, who resigned from the Miami station on Friday, officially crossed the street to WLTV Univision 23 yesterday. 

In  a press release, Univision announced his appointment as chief anchor in an expanded role that includes Local TV, Radio and Digital.

Due to a non-compete clause in his contract,  Hernández will not seen on WLTV until the Fall.

Telemundo 51 was unable to reach an agreement to renew his contract, which expired March 1.

According to inside sources, Ambrosio was making $500,000 a year and Univision 23 outbid Telemundo 51 in an effort to have him switch networks.

Over half a million bucks to Anchor a local Spanish newscast?!

If I was a local Anchor, I would run out and buy Rosetta Stone quick. 

Just saying....

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