Anderson Cooper Sells Hampton Estate

CNN Anchor/Game Show Host Anderson Cooper has sold one of the two properties he owns in Westhampton Beach, NY.

Coop sold the 3,800-square-foot house for $2,975,000, down from the original asking price of $3,599,000 set in July of last year.

Cooper rented out the house during the summer, according to Realty Today. Its location on the river and easy access to Quantock Bay make it an ideal rental property for boating vacationers. 

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Motown Station Goes Downtown

WXYZ in Detroit has started doing their news from their new studio in downtown Detroit Today.

The station starts broadcasting “7 Action News at Noon” from a new, glass-enclosed space inside the Qube building on Woodward Avenue near Campus Martius Park.

WXYZ says the studio also will be used in daily news coverage, newscasts, special programs and interviews, station officials said.

But, the main studio is staying in Southfield, where they have been since the late 1950s.

“We are thrilled to now have a bigger presence in the city and to be part of the resurgence of downtown Detroit,” Mike Murri, WXYZ’s station manager, said in a statement. “This studio allows us to create new connections with the people who live and work in the city, as well as those who are guiding the transformation of Detroit.”

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Adding News in KC

E.W. Scripps-owned KSHB will start producing a morning newscast for sister station, independent KMCI/

KSHB will broadcast a locally produced morning newscast beginning Monday, April 6. The show will have the very long title of "41 Action News Today on 38 The Spot."

It will  air from 7 to 8 a.m pitting it against the network morning shows. 

“We are excited to bring the energy and enthusiasm of the 41 Action News Today team to a fresh, new audience,” said Carrie Hofmann, KSHB news director.

Dallas Sports Anchor Goes off on Racists, But Not Before He Admits He Was One

WFFA's Dale Hansen did a commentary on the newscast that was eye opening and dead on point. Hansen took on a school, who's student body held up racist signs at a basketball game.

Hansen took the school, the parents and the kids to task for their signs of hate.

But, he did something else, Hansen admitted that he grew up with a racist father and that he was also in fact a one time racist.

It was powerful words and we give a tip of the cap to Dale Hansen for having the guts to say them.

Let's go to the video:

Another Anchor Suspended

February will go down as Anchor suspension month in TV News.

First, NBC Brian Williams was suspended for lying about his Iraq helicopter ride.

Then, KOB Anchor Tom Joles was suspended (the station is calling it a cooling off period) after a newsroom incident on Monday night.

ESPN suspended Keith Olbermann for comments he tweeted to a Penn State Student. 

Now, word is that WJW has benched morning Anchor Kristi Capel for her "jigaboo" comment. 

The Cleveland station isn't saying much, but parent company Tribune did release a very brief statement saying, "Kristi Capel will not be anchoring 'Fox 8 News in the Morning' for the remainder of the week."

The station did release a statement about the embarrassing incident, saying, "Kristi regrets her actions and realizes the impact of her mistake and the hurt she has caused. On Tuesday afternoon, Kristi met with a group of African-American clergy from Northeast Ohio to begin the process of reflecting on the gravity of this incident. In her on-air apology, Kristi vowed to learn from this experience and has begun that process with help from clergy, friends, family and co-workers."

The station has been working overtime, trying hard to keep video of Capel's comments off of YouTube. The video clearly falls under the fair use guidelines and the station should know that, but it hasn't stopped them from trying to pull the video.

Here it is again:

It's All About the Ratings

The wind chills in Buffalo have been dipping well into the double digits below zero this past week. It's the kind of weather that really is dangerously cold. 

So what did WKBW in Buffalo do?

They built and ice desk and made their Anchors stand behind it to anchor the newscast on Monday night. 

Are you kidding me?

Anyone that lives in the Buffalo area knows how cold it has been, do you really need to put your anchors outside in the bitter cold to show that?

This was a sweeps stunt that bordered on the ridiculous. 

What made it even more ridiculous is the fact WKBW has done their weather forecast outside for decades. On the night they have their news anchors outside, the Buffalo News says that Weatherman Aaron Mentkowski was inside doing his forecast.


It was a desperate move for ratings that just made the station look desperate and stupid.

Albuquerque Anchor is Off the Air after Newsroom Blow Up

FTVLive reported FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY yesterday about a fracas that went down in the KOB (Albuquerque) newsroom on Monday evening.

FTVLive reported that a fight broke out in the newsroom and it got real ugly, real fast. 

Sources say that longtime Anchor Tom Joles got into it with a Reporter and Photographer.

According to insiders, a young reporter was being ‘counseled’ by ND Michelle Donaldson. "Whatever Donaldson said, wasn’t good enough for Joles and he added his own comments," said a source. 

Longtime KOB Reporter Stuart Dyson tried to intervene and calm the situation down. It didn't work and word is that Joles got in Dyson's face and also the face of Photographer Joseph Lynch who jumped in to protect Dyson. Sources say punches were thrown.

KOB GM Mike Burgess is doing his best to downplay the incident. He says that there was a “heated discussion” but no fisticuffs. 

Staffers that witnessed the incident (Burgess did not) tell FTVLive that punches were thrown. 

Burgess did say that Joles will not be on the air pending a temporary “cool down period.”  Joles was missing from the air last night, despite the fact it is still February ratings. 

Staffers inside the station says that Joles has been "unpredictable" with his behavior "for a while now" and that they are worried if/when he returns to the newsroom. 

So far, it appears that management is sticking their head in the sand and hoping it all blows over. 

Stay tuned....