Illinois Anchor Loses Cancer Fight

Some sad news to bring you.

WCIA  (Champaign, IL) Anchor Dave Benton has lost his fight with brain cancer.

Last September, Benton told viewers that his brain cancer had returned and it is too big to be operated on.

He knew he did not have long to live and yet he continued to anchor the news.

Last year, FTVLive named him number 1 on our list of best people in TV news.

Sadly, although it was expected, Benton lost his cancer fight. 

And although it won't be long that we will forget how Dave Benton died, many of us will never forget how the guy lived.

A class act from beginning to end. 

Crossing the Street in Connecticut

Last week, FTVLive FIRST told you that WVIT NBC Connecticut Reporter Amanda Raus is gone from the station.

Raus joined WVIT in April 2007 as a General Assignment Reporter, coming from from WSHM in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Well, it looks like she doesn't have to call the movers for her next job.

Sources tell FTVLive that Raus is crossing the street to WTIC.

Now we know why she left WVIT so quickly. 

Lights Out

Houston stations are busy this morning will wall to wall coverage of historic flooding in the area. Stations have been on the air for hours with their coverage of of the rain that just won't stop. 

While crews are out in the pouring rain trying to get the story, the Anchors are sitting back in a nice dry studio pitching from one live camera to the next.

But, Mother Nature had a surprise for KPRC Anchors Bill Balleza and Dominique Sachse. A lightning strike knocked out the studio lights and left the Anchors in the dark (insert your own joke here).

Let's go to the video: 

Looking to By a House in Miami? Call Fired WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison

FTVLive FIRST told you that fired WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison was spotted interviewing at WGCL in Atlanta.

Well, if he doesn't get that job, it looks like he has a fallback plan.

It appears that Morrison has gotent his real estate license and has set up shop in Miami.

His ex-wife, Ashley, that he was arrested for assaulting back in Connecticut is now working at WSVN in Miami.

It seems Rob has moved closer to the ex and is now also in SoFlo. Morrison has been working the past month for Keyes Company as a Real Estate Agent. 

We don't know how good Morrison is at selling houses, but we know for fact he's not afraid to work the phone. 

Geraldo Puts House Up for Sale

We're not sure in Rob Morrison is the listing agent, but Fox News showoff Geraldo Rivera has put his  riverfront compound in Edgewater, N.J., up for sale.

Geraldo is asking $3.75 million and a naked selfie for the place. 

The two-residence compound is part of a discreet and little-known cooperative-style enclave cleaved to the steep bank of the Hudson River just below the George Washington Bridge.

Although it does appear that one of the houses was acquired in 1998 for $350,000, property records aren’t explicit about exactly when or how much Rivera paid for either the two homes that are being sold together even though they’re separated by a narrow lane.

Gerado recently bought  a $5.6 million condo in a full-service Manhattan highrise where he already own a slightly smaller unit on a lower floor.

H/T Variety

On the Mend

FTVLive spies hard working spotted Dylan Dreyer doing weather on NBC News with her arm in a cast. 

It appears that the hardest working Weather Anchor had recently had surgery after falling on some ice back while covering winter storms.

She, along with help from MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts, took to Twitter and used some high tech graphics to explain what happened:

Get well soon Dylan!