GM Out In Sac; Tells It Like It Is

How often do you see the press release BS when someone gets fired, saying they're "Spending more time with family", "Taking advantage of a crossroads in life", "Exploring other opportunities"? Well, kudos to KTXL GM Jerry Del Core, who flat out said he's leaving because his boss wanted to make a change in the station's leadership.

Del Core had been GM since 2010. Before that, he ran a cluster of Clear Channel radio stations.

May ratings put KTXL's news dead last, except for their 6 a.m. show, which beat KOVR.  His last day is tomorrow.

H/T Sacramento Bee

Dallas Anchor Adds New Title

How often do you hear of a veteran anchor in a major market, taking on additional work for no pay? Well, a big CONGRATULATIONS to WFAA's John McCaa, who earned his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. McCaa is the primary anchor at WFAA and has 31 years in TV. H/T to the Dallas Morning News who has a great write-up on him. 

This is certainly an great example of a 'role model' in a community.


Sumner Redstone Birthday Bash

What do you get the man who has everything for his 92nd birthday? How about a party thrown by 2 girlfriends and personal serenades by Tony Bennett?

The party was held last night at Vibrato Jazz Club and Restaurant. It was a 'Who's Who' of media: Les Moonves, Brad Grey, Michael Milken, Ron Burkle, Philippe Dauman, et al.

Redstone was escorted into a side entrance behind a portable black curtain that was put up to hide him from public view.  The most notable not in attendance was his two children.

Redstone's current girlfriend, Sydney Holland (43) and former girlfriend Manuela Herzer (50), both sat with him while guests wished their 'Happy Birthdays". 

Apparently, Hugh Hefner has nothing on Redstone.

H/T Hollywood Reporter

Anchorman Thinks He's Funny?

We're not sure what to think of WCJB (Gainesville, FL) anchorman David Snyder.

He's either a humble, naive, 'nice guy' that has no clue he's coming off as 'goofy', OR, he's an arrogant Ron Burgundy-esque anchor who makes Youtube videos of himself under the name, NewsKingPin.

Yep, we're going with the latter. Get ready for some laughs (and not in a good way).

By the way, Dave; we thought Olan Mills went out of business?

Tornado VS Anchor Hair

It's a good thing TV doesn't require common sense to become talent. WGNO (New Orleans) anchor Jacki Jing went into the field to report on severe weather. Not just any weather, but an EF-1 tornado that touched down in the DMA.

Luckily, her 'prayers to the LIVE shot Gods', worked. Her hair remained relatively, tame. Check out her Facebook post:

Here at FTVLive World Headquarters, I'm praying to the "Golf Gods" that the Boss comes back in a good mood.

WJLA WX-man Likes To Diss Audience

If you live in Washington, DC, you better be careful if you decide to Tweet  WJLA Meteorologist Steve Rudin. In addition to his forecasting, Rudin boasts that his Tweets contain, "A little weather, some of this and some of that." If you take a few minutes (if you're really bored) and read through Rudin's Tweets & Replies, there's not much weather and a lot of pointed sarcasm to some viewers.

Once again, we're baffled at the apparent lack of social media 'monitoring' by managers. Or maybe this is just WJLA's way of trying to recruit new customers?  

CBS Headed To Apple TV?

CBS Head Honcho Les Moonves says he's probably going to do a deal with Apple TV. He also says the days of the 500-channel universe are over.

 Moonves was talking to attendees at the Code Conference in California. He admitted that he views Netflix as a friend and a competitor. He said Netflix pays hundreds of millions of dollars for CBS content.

Interestingly, Moonves was also wearing an Apple watch.

H/T USAToday

Jenna Bush Getting Her Own Show?

There's a rumor that Today correspondent Jenna Bush, may be getting her own talk show on NBC. Page Six sources are saying there's a show in development that could replace the Meredith Vieira Show.

Bush has worked at Today for about six years. Insiders at NBC say she's well liked around 30 Rock and because there are so many personalities at Today, this new show could be a natural fit.

Whatever. We'll bet Chelsea Clinton is pissed.


WABC Reporter's Husband Begins Advocacy

When WABC reporter Lisa Colagrossi died on assignment of a brain aneurysm, her husband had never heard of the affliction. Todd Crawford said his wife had been coming home from work frequently complaining of headaches. 

Chronic headaches, blurred vision and difficulty breathing can all be warning signs of an aneurysm.  In the month since Lisa's death, Crawford has become an advocate for research, joining the Brain Aneurisym Foundation on a recent lobbying trip to Washington, DC. "It's a disease that's not on the radar screen of this country", he said.

Here's the entire interview from the Stamford Advocate.

Snapchat Hires Fox Executive

First, the messaging service hired a CNN correspondent to be "Head Of News"; now they've hired Marcus Wiley to run original content development. Wiley is Fox Broadcasting's former head of comedy development.

Why should anyone care? Snapchat has more than 100-million users. Any TV station or network would love to have even a sliver of that kind of audience.

Snapchat is reportedly making deals with Major League Baseball, Fusion, and others, after already teaming up with CNN, Vice Media, Comedy Central and ESPN. Their latest project is with AT&T to create an original series called, "SnapperHero".

Uhhh... given that Snapchat is mostly used by Millennials to send naked photos, we'll be setting the DVR for the "Snapper" show.

H/T Variety