God Sends Former Atlanta Anchor to Last Place Station

Former WXIA Anchor Karyn Greer is back on the air in the A-T-L.

Greer who officially left WXIA back in March but was off air since January, has landed a freelance gig with Meredith owned WGCL.

She began reporting this week for the station. 

Greer WXIA after 15 years after getting a lowball renewal offer.

“I am stepping out on faith but I know in the end God has my back. Keep me and my family in your prayers,” she wrote on Facebook at the time. 

Greer has worked at WGCL before, from 1989 to 1999, back when it WGNX.

She was an Anchor at the station. 

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Former Philly Traffic Reporter Finds New Athlete to Date

Back in January FTVLive told you that WTXF Fox Philly Traffic Reporter Kacie McDonnell had left her job to move to Kansas City to be closer to her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs NFL quarterback Aaron Murray.

That didn't workout very well and the happy couple broke up.

But just like when you get bucked off the horse, you need to jump right back on. 

So now McDonnell has found a new athlete and this time it's a baseball player. McDonnell has hooked up with Kansas City Royals' slugging first baseman Eric Hosmer.

Both McDonnell and Hosmer confirmed rumors by posting pictures on social media of themselves getting up-close and personal over the weekend.

When this one ends, maybe McDonnell can give the NBA or NHL a shot. 

Just saying....

H/T Philly Daily News

Tulsa Station Finally Gets Around to Hiring New News Boss

FTVLive FIRST told you back in February that KJRH had parted ways with News Director Susan D'Astoli just as the Feb book was getting started. 

Well, the Scripps station has finally gotten around to naming her replacement (how much $$$ did that save in the budget?)

KTVT (Dallas) Assistant News Director Mike McCardel will move up to the big chair at KJRH.

McCardel has been at the CBS Dallas station for 15+years, working as Producer, EP, Managing Editor and then the Deuce.

HUH?! Trump: I Have To End My Relationship with NBC

Back in high school when a girl broke up with you, you always told your friends that it was you that broke up with her.

Donald Trump still acts like he's in high school.

After NBC came out and said that they were ending their relationship with Donald Trump,  saying, ""Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCU is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump" 

Trump then said he "had to" end his relationship with NBC. 

Sorry Donald.... you can't break up with someone after they have already broken up with you. 

No matter if you're rich or poor, that's just the way it works. 

NBC Ends Business Relationship with Donald Trump

Earlier Today FTVLive told you about NBC's conflict of interest with the network, Donald Trump and his Miss Universe/Miss USA pageant.

We pointed out that after Trump decided to take a shot at basically Mexico and anyone that Mexican blood running through their body, the Univision Network thought that Trump crossed the line and they decided to take a stand and pull the plug on carrying Trump's Miss Universe Pageant on their network.

NBC also carries the beauty pageant and they were not nearly as bold as Univision, but they did take a step back from Trump saying they don't agree with his comments. 

As we pointed out, while NBC was backing away from Trump, they still had a problem.

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts was the slated host of the pageant along with Cheryl Burke.

FTVLive wrote earlier, "So while NBC is saying they do not agree with Trump or his comments, they are leaving out the fact that one of their own anchors is slated as the host of the pageant.  Is NBC going to let this happen?"

Well after FTVLive asked the question it appears that answer is "no." NBC just released a statement saying, "Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCU is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump" 

NBC has canceled plans to air the pageant and we're guessing MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts will not be hosting.

We're guessing that any NBC staffers that had a tee time at one of Trump's golf courses, might want to check about getting on at another course.

Just saying.... 

Charlotte Anchor Headed to the Big Apple

WSOC/WAXN (Charlotte) Anchor Natalie Pasquarella, who helped propelled the station's 10 p.m. newscast to first place only months after taking the anchor chair,  is headed to the Big Apple. 

Pasquarella will be anchoring the Weekend newscasts at WNBC later this Summer./ 

In her seven years in Charlotte, Pasquarella rose to be one of the city’s most recognizable news personalities as she climbed in the ranks at WSOC from the morning news desk to the 10 p.m. anchor on sister station WAXN.

H/T Charlotte Observer 

Shuffling Off from Buffalo

WKBW Anchor/Reporter Kendra Eaglin has kissed the station goodbye and is headed to the left coast.

A native of Oakland, Calif., Eaglin confirmed she is headed back to California.  

“It was a good run here,” Eaglin told the Buffalo News. “When my contract ended, I decided to go back home to be with my family. I’ve been gone seven years. It’s time.”

In a separate tweet, Eaglin added that she was “’close to moving forward with a broadcast job closer to home.”

Eaglin worked at a station in Montana and a cable station in San Francisco before joining WKBW about five years ago.

She had been the evening anchor on Saturday and Sunday newscasts until the station decided last fall to team Ed Drantch and Katie Morse on Sundays, leaving Eaglin only the Saturday evening anchor.

Once her Weekend Anchoring was cut to one day, she decided to leave. 

CNN Media Critic Takes on FNC's Greta

CNN's Brian Stelter took time off from bashing Wolf Blitzer to turn his attention to Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

Van Susteren wrote a blog entry taking the CNN Media Critic to task for dissing Blitzer. Greta wrote:

"I saw this on FTVLive.  I am assuming it is accurate.  People sure can be nasty. This CNN Brian Stelter tweet is pathetic and is embarrassing to CNN.  It is also extremely disrespectful to his colleague, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer."

Stelter came back on Twitter to fire at Van Susteren:

Basically what Stelter appears to be implying is that he knows how to do journalism and Van Susteren does not. She's in the "modern media" which is all wrong according to the Blitzer basher.

But, the thing is Stelter did send the tweet out that bashed Wolf Blitzer. So, whether Van Susteren assumed it to be true or not, IT WAS TRUE! 

Modern Media 1 Brian Stelter 0

Brian Stelter: I Don't Delete Tweets

Stelter tried to claim that he made a copy and paste error, an excuse that many people are not buying.

But what is interesting, is in the past when Stelter has sent a "mistake" tweet, he has left the tweet on Twitter.

Back in 2011, before we was working at CNN, Stelter sent out a tweet about Christiane Amanpour leaving ABC. He said that the tweet was meant as a direct message and should not have been made public.

But, he left that tweet up and followed it up with the reason he did.

But, he quickly deleted the Blitzer tweet. 

What gives?

Stelter feels he should not be catching heat for his Wolf tweet. But, if Bill O'Reilly sent out a tweet that read, "Ugh.....Hannity is the worse" and then claimed it was a mistake, do you think Stelter would cover the story?

In a New York minute he would. 

There is no doubt, Stelter has a huge ego and a very thin skin (a bad combination). Stelter has followed FTVLive on Twitter for years and has even sent us DM's on the site. But, the minute we pointed out his Blitzer bashing tweet, he unfollowed FTVLive on Twitter (it is here we would put a frowny face :( but it would be hypocritical).

Stelter loves to use twitter and other social media to suck up to the media bloggers and try and stay on their good side. Just watch his playful Twitter comebacks with other critics. The media critics and bloggers try to play nice with each other.

FTVLive does not play that game. Our goal is to be tough but fair with everyone and we don't buy into this backslapping, "you be nice to me, I'll be nice to you" code.

Plus, it should be noted that our third grade teacher, Mrs. Green knew this way back when. Mrs. Green sent a note home to my parents saying, "He doesn't play well with others."

I still don't Mrs. Green, I still don't. 

Wolf, Wolff

CNN's Reliable Sources had on author Michael Wolff to talk about his new book "Television is the New Television."

What was interesting was Stelter's show misspelled Wolff's name.

Not sure, but we think Stelter's excuse might be that he made a 'copy and paste' error.

Obviously, Brian has a problem with anyone that has Wolf in their name. 

Shame on You, Shame on Me

KARK (Little Rock) viewer Don Stair was seeing red when he thought that the station changed the color of their logo to the same as "The Gays."

It seems that old Don thought that KARK was showing their support for the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision and he was not happy. Even told KARK he is no longer going to watch them.

KARK tried to inform Don that the logo is the same as it always was. The channel number next to the NBC Peacock that happens to be a rainbow color.

Just like The Gays.

Damn Gay Peacock.