Oh My God! CNN Confuses Dildo Flag for ISIS Flag

CNN reported a big exclusive story on Saturday....well they thought it was big.

The network reported that an Isis flag was spotted at a London Gay Pride Parade. According to CNN, their International Assignment Editor Lucy Pawle snapped exclusive pictures of the "ISIS Flag."

Pawle said that she, "seemed to be the only person that spotted this." She did say that the lettering on the flag was not exactly the same as the ISIS flag and it appeared to be, "gobbledygook" (her word).

A video was posted on YouTube and a number of people said that the images were "dildos and butt plugs" and it was not an ISIS flag at all. 

Pawle said that she spoke to an event organizer and a police officer that didn't seemed to worried about the ISIS dildo flag like she was.

CNN played up the "exclusive" story on air, but after it was pointed out that the flag was hardly an ISIS flag, CNN pulled the video of the story from their website with no explanation.  

Just another embarrassment for the cable network. 

Let's go to the video:

Update: The Twitterverse is starting to chime in. This is a story we doubt you will see on Reliable Sources tomorrow.

Greta: CNN’s Brian Stelter has been in the business about 5 days

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that CNN's Brian Stelter sent out a tweet and quickly deleted it, that mocked his colleague Wolf Blitzer and his coverage of the prison escapees. 

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren thinks it was a cheap shot by an inexperienced Reporter. Greta writes

"This CNN Brian Stelter tweet is pathetic and is embarrassing to CNN.  It is also extremely disrespectful to his colleague, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Stelter is arrogant and I might add, has limited experience.  He doesn’t come close to Wolf’s experience and judgment and dares to tweets this about Wolf.  Stelter travels from DC to NYC and back…and reads the internet.   Wolf has criss crossed the world and interviewed world leaders."

Stelter's excuse for the tweet?

Judging by the email to FTVLive and internet comments, not many are buying his excuse. One person said that Stelter was trying to send his Blitzer statement as a direct message and tweeted it by mistake. The person said that Stelter was DMing with his wife at the time. Not sure how the person knows this, but that excuse seems about as good as Stelter's.

One comment to Greta's blog reads:

"Never heard of him", with Stelter's ego, that comment has to hurt the most.

Maybe he now knows how Wolf feels.

Just saying.... 

CNN: Brian Stelter Disses The Wolf (Updated)

Evidently, CNN isn't 'one big happy family".  CNN media critic (and in this instance, we do mean critic) Brian Stelter sent out this Tweet; apparently while watching Wolf Blitzer anchor the coverage of the escaped convicts.

We're anxiously awaiting the spin on this........

Update: This is the excuse that Stelter is giving. Is anyone buying it? 

Just asking....

Another Award for Devlin Design Group

It's rare when a news set captures the attention and accolades like the Fox-owned WAGA, Fox 5 in Atlanta. 

Thursday afternoon the design team at Devlin Design Group walked away with this year’s PromaxBDA gold award for set design at a luncheon for marketing and design executives held in Las Vegas. 

 This latest award is the final jewel in the ‘triple crown’ for this popular and groundbreaking set. 

 Earlier this month the set won the Southeast Emmy award. The set also won ‘Set of the Year’…marking the fourth year in a row Team DDG has captured this honor.

“We are honored to be recognized for this scenic storytelling environment. Innovation is one of our foundational elements at Team DDG. The groundbreaking set at WAGA is consistent with that goal. Some of our most fruitful discussions have begun with this statement “What if we could…” said Dan Devlin, Owner/Chief Creative Strategist, Devlin Design Group.

If you want to see more on this ground breaking news set, here's a link.


Huh? Scripps asks Employees to Pay to Test New App

FTVLive does beta testing for a number of tech companies, including Apple, Google and others. The best part of beta testing, you get to see the new technology first and you get it free.

So it surprised us that Scripps is asking their staffers to beta test a new app, but they want them to pay for it. 


E.W. Scripps has a new feature is coming to their "Storm Shield" app and they are asking staffers to test it out. 

A post on the company's internal intranet website called for people to test a new feature which places a call to your phone when a severe weather alert is posted for your area. 

All sounds good, except the part where they tell staffers they are going to have to pay to test something that might not even work well.

Here is a portion of the internal email sent to the staff:

You would hope when a company wants to use their employees to beta test something, they wouldn't make them shell out money to do so. 

Just saying....

I Smell an Emmy

I Smell an Emmy

KXTV in Sacramento did a story that get this, kids pee in the pool. Yep...it's true.

And those swimmers with red, irritated eyes coming out of the pool usually chalk it up to chlorine. But the station reports that it's actually chlorine mixed with urine, sweat, fecal matter and dirt hurting your eyes -- not the chlorine alone. 

This is just plain old good investigative journalism folks.

KXTV Reporter Gabrielle Karol did the story pool side, informing parents that the pool was full of pee and poop and then wrapped up her live shot by jumping into the pee and poop.


Also, she almost lost her dress in the process. And it's not even ratings yet.

The video is up after the jump:

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Child Neglect Investigation Against News Anchors is Closed

Back on May 13th, FTVLive told you that WPTV Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone and her husband, WPBF Anchorman Paul LaGrone were being investigated for child neglect. 

The West Palm Beach newsies were being looked at by Florida's Department of Children and Families after neighbors reported that one of the couple’s two children was routinely left alone to roam their streets.

Well, it appears that this was more about revenge and jealously then it was about neglect and now the investigation has been closed. 

And although the results of the six-week probe are not being released to the public, Katie LaGrone told Gossip Extra that DCF found no indication their actions as parents are dangerous for the children.

“Yes, our case is closed,” she said. “There is no recommended course of action. As we expected, DCF found no indication of danger or neglect. We are raising our children in a loving and safe home. Our family has already moved on from this.”

Sounds like a neighbor was trying to make some waves were there weren't any.