ESPN Suspends Analyst for the Rest of the Year

The frat known as ESPN has extended the suspension of ex-MLB star and current ESPN broadcaster Curt Schilling for the rest of the baseball season. 

Schilling was first suspended for sending a tweet that featured a meme comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis. Schilling quickly deleted the tweet and apologized, but ESPN still took him off that week's Sunday Night Baseball broadcast.

He was set to return, but then got into an email flap with the website Awful Announcing, which published the emails. 

At that point, ESPN had enough and tacked on more time to Schilling suspension and released this statement: 

“At all times during the course of their engagement with us, our commentators are directly linked to ESPN and are the face of our brand. We are a sports media company. Curt’s actions have not been consistent with his contractual obligations nor have they been professionally handled; they have obviously not reflected well on the company.  As a result, he will not appear on ESPN through the remainder of the regular season and our Wild Card playoff game.”

Ouch! Chris Christie Disses CNN Hard

Maybe he just wanted a bigger audience, but Gov. Chris Christie juts rubbed CNN's face it, big time. 

The RNC has been circulating 'The Loyalty Pledge' that is basically asking GOP candidates not to run a third party campaign if they don't get the nomination.  

It was basically geared towards Donald Trump but the other candidates have been asked about it. 

Gov. Chris Christie was asked to sign the pledge on CNN early this morning, but he declined.  

New Day Anchor Alisyn Camerota brought up the pledge to Christie and asked if he signed it yet? Christie said he didn’t feel he needed to, but would be happy to formally sign it if necessary.

Camerota offered the New Jersey governor a chance to sign it on air, holding it out to him and saying, “I have a pen.” Christie declined and said, “Not now.”

But, a few hours later, Christie appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum and he signed the pledge on FNC. 

That didn't seem to sit well with CNN’s Camerota:

Weather Channel Executive Dead at 47

Weather Channel executive Curt Hecht has died following a battle with lung cancer. He was 47.

Hecht had been fighting the disease for five months, a fact he kept secret from all but a very few close friends, according to a statement from Weather Channel CEO David Kenny. “He did not want a fuss, or pity, or distraction,” Kenny said. “To him, cancer was like a challenging bike ride. He attacked it with grit and determination, and fearlessly agreed to clinical trials so that others could also learn from his fight.” 

Hecht served as chief global revenue officer, a position he’d held since 2012. In that role, he oversaw ad sales for the channel and its digital products, and domestic and international business development.

He also headed up efforts to align the channel’s weather reporting and advertising, allowing advertisers to target ads to customers based on local weather conditions. 

H/T Deadline

DC Station Stays Mum on Redskins GM's Wife Story

The big juicy sports story in DC was the dust up involving Jessica McCloughan, the wife of Washington General Manager Scot McCloughan and and ESPN Reporter that used to work in DC. 

 Jessica McCloughan sent out a tweet accusing ESPN Anchor Dianna Russini of giving sex for a story.

The NFL team first tried to say the tweet came from a fake Twitter account, but then Jessical McCloughan finally admitted that she did, in fact, write the tweet.

It seems that all the stations in DC have been covering the story, except for WRC. A search of their website finds no mention of the story, even though Russini is a former Reporter at their station.

Sources tell FTVLive that management at WRC have placed a gag on all mention of the Redskins/Russini story.

No mention in newscasts, no mention online.

WRC has a cozy relationship with the Redskins, lucrative pregame shows and is the "official station" for preseason games.

Wonder if that has anything to do with the station not touching the story?

Nah..... that doesn't happen....does it? 

Wife of Washington Redskins GM Apologizes for Saying ESPN Reporter Traded Sex for Stories

Jessica McCloughan, the wife of Washington General Manager Scot McCloughan sent out a tweet accusing ESPN Anchor Dianna Russini of giving sex for a story.

Russini reported about dissension within the organization about whether to move on from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Jessica McCloughan took to Twitter and wrote: 

Although the team tried to initially claim the tweet came from a fake Twitter account, Jessical McCloughan finally admitted that she did, in fact, write the tweet.

She also tweeted that ESPN's Russini was her husband's "side piece".

ESPN was obviously not happy and jumped to Russini's defense:

“Dianna is an excellent reporter who should never have to be subjected to such vulgar comments. We are obviously extremely disappointed by today’s developments,” ESPN said in a statement.

Looks like the politicians are the only screwed up people in DC. 

H/T NBC Sports

Hasbro Pulls Harris Faulkner Toy from Website

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner has sued Hasbro Toys for $5 million bucks, after the company offered a toy hamster with the same name. 

Faulkner claims that the toy hamster that has both her name and, she claims, her look (Really?).

A check of Hasbro's website shows that the Harris Faulkner toy hamster does not seem to be on Hasbro’s Little Pet Shop site today.

We reached out to Falkner for comment, but she was busy:

Donald Trump: 20% of the News Media is Dishonest

Donald Trump gives his thoughts on the news media.

“There are some very dishonest people in your profession,” Trump says in an interview. “You learn very quickly who’s fair and who’s a professional. I’d say 50  percent of the reporters I’ve talked to are good people. Twenty percent are totally dishonest. Thirty percent are okay, they’re fine.”

Any bets on which column he puts Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly in? 

Tampa Station Hires New Met

WFTS has hired Meteorologist Ivan Cabrera to be the primary meteorologist for The Now Tampa Bay.

Cabrera comes to Tampa from CNN, where he worked for CNN International, CNN, and HLN.  He also served as a meteorologist for the WSI Corporation, which included regular appearances on Fox News Channel. 

“Ivan has covered big weather stories across the country,” says ABC Action News Director Matt Brown. “His high level of experience and passion for weather will be a perfect fit for our team and the whole Bay area.”

He starts September at the station Today.