Vice to do Newscast on HBO

Vice Media got this/close to buying HLN, before the deal fell through.

Now, Vice has announced that they are partnering up with HBO to bring Vice news content to HBO subscribers in a number of different ways.

The new expansion effort will include a daily, half-hour newscast from Vice, a weekly series on HBO and an increase in Vice-produced specials, the companies announced in a press release. The television company and media outlet have agreed to a four-year deal that promises some 32 Vice specials from now through 2018. 

Vice will also have its own channel on HBO's streaming service HBO NOW. 

“I think the first thing, perhaps the hardest thing, I learned about journalism over the past 20 years is that maintaining any type of independence, any type of freedom, is difficult as you scale up," Vice founder and CEO Shane Smith said in the press release. "This deal, simply put, allows Vice the freedom to go after any story, anywhere we find it – and to do so with complete independence. This deal is a tremendous gift and a tremendous opportunity, and we at Vice realize this."

This will be HBO's very first daily newscast, Smith added. The program will feature "on-the-ground reporting" on key stories around the globe. Vice currently has more than 30 bureaus worldwide.

H/T HuffPo

Babs Back on The View

No matter what Barbara Walters says, she can't stay out of the limelight for very long. 

Walters, who "retired" from TV, will be back on it today as she will pop up on The View. 

"The View" marks its 4,000th episode today and it is a likely bet that it won't make it to 5,000.

Walters and original panelist Joy Behar will return to the show Today as guest co-hosts.

After this appearance, look for Walters to make up another excuse to return to TV once again. 

Babs just can't stay away. 

Andy Lack Puts House on the Market

Looks like new NBC News boss Andy Lack is looking to move on up.

Lack has put his mansion in Bronxville, NY, up for sale, asking for $4.1 million.

Page Six says the house is a stately 7,247-square-foot Tudor built in 1925. It’s filled with old-world details that stand the test of time, including handsome wood paneling in the foyer and den, hand-carved plaster relief work on the living room ceiling, dramatic wood window frames in the sunroom and wainscot panels in the dining room. And you’ll be in awe of the vaulted ceiling in the family room.

The master suite upstairs has a dressing room and a new master bathroom. There are a total of eight bedrooms, with six on the second floor and two on the third floor. The lower level has a recreation room and bonus room.

Yeah....when you're the new NBC News honcho, who wants to live in a rundown shack like this? 

Good thing he's dumping the place. 

Report Claims NY Stations Biased in Crime Reporting

A group that calls themselves ColorOfChange released a report titled NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

They say the report shows dangerous Levels of Inaccuracy in TV Crime Reporting in NYC, a report detailing how local news coverage in New York City distorts the picture of criminal justice, and the negative impacts this inaccurate imagery has on Black communities.

“Over the course of our study we found that the four major network affiliates in New York City consistently over report that Black people are involved in murder, assault and theft- and that is without factoring in the equally outrageous over-targeting of Black people by police,” said Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of ColorOfChange. “Not only are these stations over-reporting Black crime, they’re systematically under-reporting white crime. Local news in New York City has failed the most basic responsibility of journalism: to report the news accurately.” 

ColorofChange issued a “report card” for their findings that showed that WNYW/FOX5 scored a “B,” WCBS and WNBC each scored a “D,” and WABC actually scored an “F”. 

The report says that on average, 51% of the people the NYPD arrest for murder, assault and theft are Black, according to NYPD crime data from 2010-2013. 

75% of the people newscasters present as perpetrators of those crimes in New York City are Black, exaggerating the image of Black people as criminals by 24 percentage points. For WABC, it’s 82%. says that they have reached out to all four local news stations over the past few months and is committed to working with them to ensure that the local news in New York City is reported accurately. 

You can read the report here

Take a Seat

The White House Correspondents’ Association recently made adjustments to the WH briefing seating chart.

Some news organizations moved closer to the podium and others got by the use of  seat-sharing arrangements for others.

The calculus that goes into the assignments is part tenure, part audience  and part commitment to the White House beat. News organizations that don’t show up every day will find another reporter sitting in its seat; miss enough briefings and the seat may be lost permanently.

The biggest changes to the new seat assignments?

The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper, moves up one row to the fourth row. Justin Sink, a former Hill reporter who now works for Bloomberg, was a frequent questioner at daily briefings. The New York Daily News moves back a row.

Newcomers Buzzfeed and Al Jazeera get partial seats through seat-sharing arrangements with Scripps-Howard News Service and the Chicago Sun-Times, respectively.

H/T USA Today

Is Former CNNer Headed to ABC News?

Back on December 5th, FTVLive told you that longtime CNN Reporter Candy Crowley was signing off from the cable net.

But, Crowley's TV career might not be over just yet.

Sources tell FTVLive that Crowley is in talks with ABC News and may soon join the network. We hear that she would be used on ABC's 'This Week' along with making appearances on other news programs.

Nothing is signed just yet, but word is te two sides are talking.

Stay tuned.... 

St. Louis Station Washes Their Hands of Production Assistant

KSDK Production Assistant Jana Marie Gamble helped the station cover the anniversary of the civil rights protest in Selma. 

Gamble took photos at rallies in early March in Selma, Ala., that were posted on the station's website.  

But, her actions in another protest has gotten her bounced from the station. 

Station officials refused to comment about whether Gamble still works at the station, but appears that after her promotion of a protest last weekend in Ferguson, she does not. 

"We do not discuss personnel matters," said Marv Danielski, KSDK's station manager.

When asked if KSDK viewers had a right to know if Gamble would be involved in any of Channel 5's future coverage of Ferguson, Danielski repeated: "My policy is that we do not talk about personnel matters."

Gamble was picture in one flyer with her hands up, which became a symbol for protestors in Ferguson. 

When it comes to finding out what happened to Gamble's job at KSDK? It appears the station has also put their hands up.

Got to just love TV news. 

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch 

Former Philly Sports Anchor Gets 2-4 Years for Fraud

Former Philly Sports Anchor and convicted scammer, Don Tollefson was sentenced to 2-4 years for scamming people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tollefson turned down a plea deal that would have given him only 7 months in jail and headed to trial that was full of bizarre rants from the former sports Anchor. 

At his sentencing, it remained bizarre. A psychologist claimed that the former sportscaster told him that his mother forced him to sleep in her bed throughout his childhood and well into college.

But the proceeding mostly focused on the fallen icon's future and his potential for redemption. After fleecing 200 people in a sports ticket-selling scheme, Tollefson was sentenced by a county judge to two to four years in state prison and 15 years' probation for felony money laundering, fraud, and theft.

If he behaves, Tollefson, 62, can get early release in 14 months with time served. And his probation can end in just 10 years if he pays everyone back.

Before the judge handed down her sentence, psychologist Steven Samuel testified that he had interviewed Tollefson in jail and found the former sportscaster to suffer from characteristics of narcissism.

He said the condition, which includes inflated self-worth and a lack of empathy, likely stems from Tollefson's upbringing in San Francisco. Samuel said Tollefson told him that Tollefson's mother forced him to sleep in her bed and gave him daily enemas until he was 16. Thus began a cycle of depression and self-medicated drinking and later prescription painkillers, Samuel said.

"He is not a person who thinks he's God," Samuel said. "He hates himself."

Before learning his fate, Tollefson stood before the judge dressed in a blue suit, looking frail but expressing himself with characteristic hand gestures despite his shackled wrists.

"Every day for me is a day of humiliating reflection for what I did to people who didn't deserve what I did," Tollefson said.

After the sentencing, some of Tollefson's victims said the sentence wasn't long enough. And one of them, Cindy Moffitt, said she doesn't expect to get her money back.

"That's a joke," she said.

H/T Philly Inquirer 

Bye Bye, Suckers

The relationship between the media and a police PIO is aways a strange one. The media thinks the PIO is withholding information and the PIO thinks the media are just plain idiots.

So, it comes as no surprise that when Miami-Dade Police PIO Nancy Perez sent a goodbye email to the media, it was very sarcastic.

Perez is getting a new assignment with the PD and she sent out this email that basically told those in the press, to kiss her ass:

Today I say goodbye to you, the media. This doesn’t have to be a period of sadness, or maybe a period of happiness for some of you. Let’s try focusing on the benefits of transferring to a District. No, I did not forget to tell you which district, I omitted it on purpose.

1. No more on-call 365 days a year. (this includes nights also)
2. No more accusations of trying to hide something.
3. No more arguments with reporters over reporting the truth, and not sensationalizing the story.
4. No more it’s an emergency phone call. But the emergency is insignificant.
5. No more requests for information and my deadline is 1 hr. away. 
6. No more why? Why? Why?
7. No more Me! Me! Me!
8. No more I need, I need, I need.
9. No more backdooring me in order to get information.
10. No more threats “I will contact your boss!”

I hope you finally learn the mysterious emotional appeals that I have made to Oprah and Dr. Phil the last nine years of having worked as a Public Information Officer.

In closing, I will miss many of you who really took your jobs seriously and acted in a professional manner. Also, those of you who have a BIG heart and really care of the community that you along with us serve.

“Value the people who sacrifice something for you, because maybe that something was their everything.”

Moving Out of Jacksonville

Longtime Jacksonville Anchor Mark Spain says he has found another job away from the first coast.

Spain spent 15 years anchoring the news at WTLV and then WJAX (formally WTEV) before he was handed his walking papers by the Cox owned station. Spain was one of five anchors at WJAX/WFOX who were jettisoned from the news operations there last summer (FIRST reported by FTVLive).

Spain has been pounding the pavement looking for a new job and now he says he found one. He confirms the new gig is outside North Florida, but he would not be more specific on his relocation due to a pre-employment agreement (i.e. he's replacing another Anchor somewhere). 

“It’s been a pleasure to serve the news viewers in Jacksonville over the past nearly 15 years,” Spain said. “Moving out of state will be bittersweet. My family and I have loved Northeast Florida, the people and climate.”

“We may be moving, but we will carry with us a treasure-trove of fond memories,” Spain said. “I learned so much from my colleagues in Jax. They helped make the news products and me better.”

H/T Florida Times Union 

Signing off in Milwaukee

As Scripps gets ready to take over the Journal stations next week, longtime Milwaukee Anchor  Mike Jacobs announced he is leaving Journal (soon to be Scripps) owned WTMJ.

Jacobs told viewers Wednesday that he's retiring at the end of May.

Jacobs started at WTMJ in 1977 as a weekend anchor and reporter and moved to the anchor desk full time a year later. He anchored the station's weeknight newscasts at 5, 6 and 10 as well as "Wisconsin Tonight" at 6:30 weeknights. 

"It's been a blessing to work for a great TV station for more than 37 years," Jacobs said in a statement issued by the station. 

In its statement, WTMJ said it plans to "celebrate Jacobs' career and his contribution to the Milwaukee area" during his final month (which just happens to be in a ratings book....hmmmm).

"Mike is leaving a legacy of excellence at this station," Joe Poss, vice president and general manager of WTMJ, said in the statement. "He has set a high bar for journalistic integrity, hard work and passion. We will truly miss him."

The news of Jacobs' plans came exactly one week before WTMJ and its parent company, Journal Broadcast Group, become part of The E.W. Scripps Co. 

H/T Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Reporters Try and Fight Back against FHRITP Idiots

Reporters Try and Fight Back against FHRITP Idiots

It used to be a person would stand behind a Reporter during their live shot, wave and yell, "Hi Mom!" It was annoying, but that's all it was.

Now, the idiots scream out the phrase, "Fuck her right in the pussy," which often is followed by the Reporter throwing it back to the studio, before more profanity gets on air.

Well, many Reporters at Canadian stations are sick of these idiots and they are looking into doing something about it. 

After being targeted themselves and realizing this was a growing trend, two local CBC reporters, Tanya Birkbeck and Morgan Dunlop, decided to write about their experience on the CBC news website.

” … I felt shocked and violated by those words,” Birkbeck wrote. “It felt personal. Not just a catchphrase, but more of a taunt suggesting that the men around me, instead of talking to me, should be, you know, raping me.”

More on what the Reporters are doing to stop it after the jump. 

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